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  • What is Saas?
    Software as a service is a way of distributing and selling software. In the SaaS model, the software supplier is responsible for the system, and the customer uses the software via the internet, paying a fee for the service.
  • What kind of guarantee is offered?
    The warranty is valid for the duration of the contract and covers: - the equipment that is an integral part of the plan; - software update (if any); - bug fixes; and - usage assistance and online support.
  • Does the package include the RFID tags?
    this mode is optional for the customer, and may or may not be included.
  • What are the forms of payment?
    Bank slip, credit card and BNDES card.
  • Should the equipment provided in the solution (antennas and/or readers) be returned?
    The equipment provided for the use of the solution is the property of RFIDBrasil® and is provided as a loan to the customer for use during the contract period, and must be returned at the end of the contract or its termination. The value of the equipment will be expressed in the contract for indemnity purposes in the event of a claim.
  • Which states are you present in?
    We serve all municipalities in Brazil.
  • What is included in Technical Assistance?
    Our Technical Support includes: - online support; - remote access for support; and - guidance for using the tool.
  • What contracts do you offer?
    We have plans for 24 or 36 months.

Viu como é simples o software RFID Fácil !

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